Vegan Protein Powder Review

12202146_10203528377608956_1723932706_nProtein powders come in many forms and are consumed by people for various reasons. The most common form of protein powder is whey protein; a water soluble protein derived from cow’s milk. Unfortunately for vegans or those that are lactose intolerant this type of protein powder does not abide by their dietary requirements or beliefs thus needing to find alternate forms such as soy, pea and hemp protein.

I’ve been consuming protein powder for approx. six years now and over this time have tried my fair share of different brands, flavours and forms. Personally I choose to consume vegan protein powders as I find that they not only taste better but leave me less bloated and reduce skin breakouts.

There are many different varieties of vegan protein powders readily available on the market to consumers so I thought I would do a review of a few I often recommend to people.

Power Plant Protein – Prana-On
This is my favourite protein powder at the moment. It tastes great and has a12202094_10203528377688958_658572626_n
really smooth texture. When mixed with water the consistency is thick and creamy which means you don’t get any added calories by mixing it with milk (soy, almond etc). It consists of a proprietary organic protein blend: organic
raw GMO free golden pea protein; organic sprouted and fermented brown rice protein; organic sacha inch protein. My favourite flavour is coconut milk.

Protein: 30g
Serves: 33
Cost: $69
Available from

Raw Vegan Skinny Protein – Green Tea X50
This is another protein I recommend to people who can’t stomach grainy proteins. Like the Prana On protein it also has a very smooth texture and 12212517_10203528377768960_623803222_nwhen mixed with water is thick and creamy. This raw protein is a gluten free all-natural formula infused with super foods including organic goji berry and acai-berry. It also contains L-carnitine, green tea and green coffee bean extract for a little extra boost. The downside to this protein powder is that it is low in protein compared to other brands and only comes in a 500g tub so you only get approx. 13 serves. I would recommend this protein to someone who travels a lot and only wants to carry a small tub with them or someone who only consumes protein shakes once or twice a week.

Protein: 20g
Serves: 13
Cost: $29.95
Available from

Organic Brown Rice Protein – Punish Nutrition
Punish rice protein ticks all the boxes when it comes to a good protein. It’s 12202420_10203528377728959_644751415_n copynutritious, tastes good and it’s affordable. Being a rice protein it is slightly grainy so if you prefer smooth textures I wouldn’t recommend this protein for you. It’s made from organic rice protein, natural cocoa and natural sweeteners (stevia/thaumatin) and comes in a delicious chocolate flavour.

Protein: 25g
Serves: 33
Cost: $49
Available from

HumaPro – ALR Industries
When I first started consuming protein powder I used to hate the classic 12204986_10203528378008966_1432351731_n copyvanilla, chocolate etc. flavours as I couldn’t drink them with just water and drinking them with milk made me feel sick and bloated. A PT friend of mine who was vegan at the time recommended this protein to me as it comes in fruity flavours which you mix with water. My favourite flavour is apple cider which tastes a lot like apple juice! The best part about this protein is that it’s only 0.02 calories per serve.

Protein: 25g
Serves: 60
Cost: $74.95
Available from

Raw Peruvian Power Protein – Bare Blends
I love using this protein in cooking. If you haven’t already checked out my 12200685_10203528377808961_976023922_nprotein ball recipe make sure to head over and check them out. They’re super easy to create and are a healthy snack alternative. This protein consists of a a blend of South American super foods and is made in Australia. The downside to this protein is that it has a very grainy consistency when mixed with water and is very low in protein compared to other brands.

Protein: 10.5g
Serves: 40 serves
Cost: $62.99
Available from

Organic Plant Protein – Body Science
This protein is available in Woolworth’s in the health food section making it very easily accessible to anyone, any day of the week. It’s an all natural 12201011_10203528377928964_1351662847_n copyprotein made purely from plant sources and also contains a variety of super foods such as goji berries, acai and green tea to support a healthy immune system. Personally I prefer to use this protein in cooking as it has a slightly grainy texture and bitter taste and for the price you pay and grams of protein I would prefer to buy a slightly more expensive protein that tastes a lot better and has a higher protein content.

Protein: 20g
Serves: 14
Cost: $34.95
Available from


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