My Real Life Date Addiction

can-i-give-my-baby-datesI’m addicted to dates.

Now when I say dates I’m not talking about romantic dinners or wine on the beach as I watch the sunset with a handsome man, I’m actually talking about the dried fruit.

Dates are a small fruit grown on date palms often found around tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Dried dates are a dehydrated version of a fresh date similar to raisons, prunes and cranberries.

I’ve never been a huge fruit fan and as a kid grew up hating sultanas (which I still hate to this day). It wasn’t until recently I began experimenting with dried pitted dates in my protein balls that I discovered these wrinkled brown lumps actually taste amazing!

Dates are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals including B complex, magnesium and iron. They are high in dietary fibre and carbohydrates and contain mor
e potassium than bananas! They are also 99% fat free making them the perfect snack to kick those cravings!

My favourite way to eat dates are by making a date and datespeanut butter sandwich. Simply take two dates and spread a small amount of peanut butter between them – delicious!

You can also substitute sugar or honey in your oats by chopping up 2-3 dates finely and cooking them through to add sweetness.

Protein balls are another great recipe you can add them to. If you haven’t already checked out my recipe for Pro-giser Balls I recommend doing so.

What are your favourite ways to eat dates? Share your favourite recipes in the comments!

MCD xx




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