Hints/Tips for Cardio Haters

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I often hear people complain that they hate cardio training – I, myself included. It’s repetitive, it’s boring and it’s tiring. So here is an extensive list of hints and tips to make cardio fun and more appealing!

  • Go for a walk or run outside along a river, beach or park.
  • Go hiking up a mountain or for a bush walk.
  • Create a cardio playlist with all your favourite upbeat music.
  • Download the app Zombies, Run! and pretend you are in an apocalyptic world and must run from Zombies in order to survive.
  • Trick one of your friends into being your cardio buddy.
  • Go for a walk first thing in the morning before your mind can process what you’re doing.
  • Take up dog walking and get paid to exercise!
  • If you’re on the treadmill/bike/cross trainer take your iPad or tablet and load a new tv series onto it. One episode equals approx. 45 minutes.
  • Have sex. Did you know the average person burns approx. 140 calories for every 30 minutes they have sex?
  • Try HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. You will burn more calories in a lot less time.
  • Play games on your smart phone – just make sure you have a speed set so that you can’t slack off.
  • Subscribe to dance classes on YouTube and master every dance style in your living room.
  • Have really aggressive sex.
  • Imagine that Ryan Gosling is running shirtless in front of you.
  • Next time your friends want to hang out try suggesting somewhere like Bounce Inc instead of the movies.


So what motivates you to workout? Drop a comment below with your answer!
MCD xx

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