High Protein Foods for Vegans/Vegetarians

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I’ve been a vegetarian for the last eight years and one question I constantly get asked is, “where do you get your protein from?”

Protein is found in every cell and tissue and is important in rebuilding muscle and maintaining structure. It is therefore essential to monitor your protein intake and ensure you are consuming enough protein daily whether your goals are to lose fat, build muscle or simply be overall healthy.

As my current goal is to gain lean muscle and drop body fat I’m currently aiming to consume 150g of protein per day (this figure has been calculated by a certified nutritionist/PT based on my body and goals and will differ per person). As this is a high amount of protein I need to try and incorporate high protein foods into every meal where possible. A lot of people don’t realise how many foods (apart from meat) contain high amounts of protein; so if you’re feeling stuck or are looking for new ideas I’ve developed the following list to help you out!

Green Peas – 7.9g / cup
Quinoa – 8g / cup
Nut Butters E.g. Peanut Butter 4g / Tbsp
Chia Seeds – 2g / Tbsp
Tempah – 30g / cup
Tofu – 20g / cup
Beans E.g. Kidney Beans 14g / cup
Hummus – 3.5g / Tbsp
Oatmeal – 6g / cup
Lentils – 18 g / cup
Chickpeas – 15g / cup
Spinach – 6g / cup
Broccoli – 8g / cup
Soy Milk – 3.3g / 100g

Vegetarian Only 
Ricotta – 28g / cup
Cottage Cheese – 28g / cup
Medium Egg – 6g
Egg White – 4g
Milk – 10g / cup
Greek Yogurt – 10g / 100g

There are also a large range of vegan/vegetarian protein powders out on the market now if you’re struggling to hit your target. My favorites are: HumaPro (vegan) Punish Rice Protein (vegan) Quest Protein
Tribeca Health Skinny Protein Gold Standard Whey Protein

MCD xx

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