Mister Fitz Icecream Review

If you’re lucky enough to live in Brisbane than you’ve most likely heard of Mister Fitz. If you haven’t then you’re living under a rock and need to re-evaluate your life because you a seriously missing out. I’d been dying to try Mister Fitz icecream since the first time I saw it pop up in my Insta feed and I finally had the chance the other week and let me tell you it was worth the wait.

I remember being a kid and wedging vanilla icecream between two cookies and eating a cookie sandwhich. Mister Fitz takes it one step further. There’s approx. eight different flavoured (giant) cookies to choose from and ten or more different icecream flavours, not to mention the array of toppings you can choose from! It’s the ultimate cheat treat meal.

My choice of cookie sandwich? Nutella icecream wedged between two chocolate chip cookies topped with more Nutella (I’m a Nutella addict).

Mister Fitz can be found in Fortitude Valley, East Brisbane and South Bank.

Have you tried Mister Fitz? What’s your favourite combo?

MCD xx



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